Advisory Floor Plan Review

Change is cheap.

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“You can use an eraser on the drafting table or a sledgehammer on the construction site.”
- Frank Lloyd Wright

Floor-plan reviews together with pre and post-purchase guidance provide another layer of expertise, with impartial and independent advice from the builders who bring common sense and on-site experience, peppered with lively and robust feedback.

The goal is to identify the challenges early. To mitigate or eliminate a stack of issues down the track and not settle for second best. The costliest heart-sinker you’ll ever hear on a building site is, ‘If only they’d thought of that at the beginning’.

We can work out a cost-benefit analysis, demonstrate savings and provide estimates with a sharpened pencil on the back of an envelope or, at the other end of the scale, provide sophisticated walk-throughs and interactive media for the full experience.

For many clients, dealing with unanticipated complications in unfamiliar territory can be overwhelming and stressful. Fear not, we’ve seen it all before. We’ll evaluate risk, work out feasibility and develop a solution before it becomes a problem. Our aim is to inform and educate on the pros and cons, putting you in a position to make confident and informed choices.

While we like to say everything is possible – and it is – it’s better to be aware of what’s associated with an optimal outcome before you commit, then once you are happy, we are full-team ahead.

Our clients receive:

  • Feedback on floorplans
  • Review of project specifications
  • Consideration of sustainable materials
  • Inspiration on design versus functionality
  • Focus on durability, prevention and protection
  • Guidance on energy-efficient features early on
  • Advice and management of risk and safety issues
  • Improved long-term outcomes and cost efficiencies
  • Co-ordinated approach to architects, trades and consultants
  • Recommendations on waterproofing, structural and hydraulic design
  • Input and understanding of heritage restoration, design and specifications
  • Management of Development Applications (DA) Complying Development Certificates (CDC) right through to Occupation Certificates (OC)
  • Harmony and functionality with an innovative and enjoyable build process

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