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Helping our clients realise one of life’s biggest milestones is what drives us and a great job for us is one where we have developed life-long relationships. 

Our Story

We understand what beginning a new build means when you’re juggling family with work and life.

Jac + Kal was founded when Jacqueline met Kaleb. Jacqueline is a busy professional and together with Kaleb, was constantly reviewing how to make their Sydney home more streamlined and efficient, combining a work and home life that worked for the family and the planet. They approached their own build in the same way they approach all builds and refurbishment – one that is sustainable.

Living a more integrated and eco-friendly life underpins what Jac + Kal stands for.

From our family to yours, we want to share our experience of the best way to build, the most efficient and economical way to bring your ideal home to reality.

We undertake about twenty major projects each year in New South Wales; mainly, across the Sydney Basin, so we can be on site, keeping a watching eye and managing issues as they emerge.

As the architects’ builder, we thrive on the symbiotic relationship that is inherent in working with architects. We speak the same language, go beyond the plans, chime in at drawings, work together for costings, estimates and early proposals – avoiding trial and error benefits every aspect of the project and ultimately our clients. 


+ accountability

+ transparency

+ communication

In an age of uncertainty, we insist on accountability, transparency and clear communication with a robust financial and reporting system, underpinning the passion and expertise of a first-rate team.

Our values and determination to innovate, connect and be accountable, guide the way we work and interact with clients, suppliers and our team.

Kaleb Pearson, our director, is your main point of contact. He’s your old-school hands-on builder, responsible for every stage of your build from demolition and detailing to site set-out, pouring, polishing, cleaning and handover.

Our online financial, reporting and project management is consistently up to date for transparent control of budgets, systems and processes so that clients and contractors know the status of every aspect of the build at any time.

We’re on the spot to evaluate, make design tweaks and work out how the stairs will integrate with the handrail, working hand-in-hand with the architect to define the details and ensure foundations, frames and finishes come together and the skirting aligns with the curves and corners.

This means streamlined communication, economies of scale and a collegial environment with no delays, no expensive re-dos and no standing around.

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Streamlined communication, economies of scale and a collegial environment with no delays, no expensive re-dos and no standing around.

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